Travel Baseball

Pittsford Community Baseball proudly announces the Travel Baseball Division for Spring 2019


Try-outs for the 2020 season will be held on dates/fields seen below. Players should attend only one session. Sessions will last the full 2 hours. Register here.


8U Showcase (Thornell Farm Park)

September 12th/19th: 6pm - 7pm


9U-12U Try-outs (Thornell Farm Park)

September 7th: 11/12s 1pm - 3pm; 9/10s 3pm - 5pm

September 14th: 11/12s 2pm - 3pm; 9/10s 3pm - 4:30pm


MCBR Travel Baseball has been in place for 20+ years and Little League District 4 (Monroe County) began the Travel Baseball Division in 2012. Travel Baseball allows players seeking a higher level of competition to play with their classmates in the traditional community setting.

Travel Division is for players ages 8-17. Both MCBR and Little League Travel allow the formation of teams from each town to compete with teams from other nearby towns. Both MCBR and Little League Travel are designed to be a very competitive leagues, operating under similar rules including mandatory play and pitching limits.

Pittsford Community Baseball intends to form teams at the following age grouping: 17U, 16U, 15U, 14U, 13U, 12U, 11U, 10U, 9U and 8U. Exact grouping depends on registration numbers within all of Disctrict 4 and MCBR. All leagues are player-pitch, except 8U which is machine pitch and coach pitch. 13U and up will play on a standard 60/90 (pitch from 60' and bases are 90' apart) baseball field. Some 12U and 13U teams will play on a 50/70 field. These teams will play under the Intermediate 50/70 rules; i.e. leadoffs, balks, and dropped third strikes. All other teams will play the on the standard 46/60 field. Note: There may be a limited number of spots for 8 year olds on a 9/10 team.

13U and up league schedules are specifically designed to avoid conflicts with school teams.

All Travel players 12 and under are REQUIRED to also play on a spring "house" team (e.g. Rookies, Minors or Majors). Games for MCBR and Little League Travel are designed to avoid schedule conflicts with house league games. Moreover, players and coaches are expected to coordinate with the house teams. There will be approximately 12-18 games in the Travel Season. Exact scheduling will be determined by MCBR and Little League District 4. One-half of the games will be at home, in Pittsford, with away games in Monroe County (and Victor).

Tryouts are held in September. There will be at least two try-out sessions. Players are only required to attend one session. Players will be invited by coaches and administrators to join a team after tryouts have taken place. Commitment to the Team and to the League is essential. Each invitee will have a short decision period to join the team, and if a player does not register and make payment, the League will move on to other players. Rosters are expected to have 12 players plus (possibly) alternates. Weight is given to tryout performance, past performance, coachability, commitment and sportsmanship.

Players will enjoy several indoor practices in the winter months of 2019-2020. Players will receive a high-quality uniform (with a choice of number) and embroidered hat. The team might also play in post-season tournaments scheduled by each coach.

Pittsford Community Baseball is be able to offer this program at a more affordable rate than other for-profit travel baseball organizations.


Travel Baseball FAQ

Players and parents often look for a bit more out of playing baseball. This provides an opportunity with the familiar structure of Little League.
At the 12-and-under levels, this is required. Players need to be rostered and play in at least 60% of their regular season "house" team's games. This is important to the well-being of the player's experience and the overall benefit of the League as a whole.
Games are played in Monroe County and Victor. Half of the games are at home, in Pittsford. We hope to again play in the Thruway Series next summer, where tournaments have been held in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.
The schedule will be designed to avoid conflicts. Clearly, rainouts are a factor. This is part of the reason to include alternates on the roster.
The Managers and Board of Directors will decide on the selection of alternates, as well as whether to use a common pool. There are many factors and rules to ensure fair play for all teams and players. Use of substitutes or alternates is governed by Little League International.
Travel Division is subject to the same mandatory play rules as Regular Season play. These minimums are routinely exceeded by managers at all levels of play. The philosophy of Little League is to promote the betterment of play for all players, and this would include Travel Division. Managers are encouraged to not only win ball games, but to win as a team.
Teams will be practicing over the winter, indoors. An outdoor try-out in the fall will better gauge a player's abilities and allow the team to be formed.
No. The League will invite players and alternates to the teams being formed. This will take place over a few weeks after try-outs. Once selected, the players not making the team will be informed, and are (of course) welcome to register in the spring for the regular season.
The player will need to register for both Travel and Regular season baseball (for 12-and-under). The fee for the Travel team is non-refundable. Should you also choose not to play in the Regular season, that fee can receive a credit, as per our regular refund policy.
The question is whether you should. That is a lot of baseball for young players; and conflicts with practices and games would practically be guaranteed and a detriment to your teams.
The schedule for Little League Travel is set by District 4, and Pittsford Little League will schedule its Regular Season games taking Little League Travel into account.
Summer Tournament and Summer All-Star teams are formed once the regular (Spring) season has ended. Summer play spans July and early August, whereas Travel Division complements the regular spring season.
There are several factors that go into the selection of players for summer tournament teams. Players are not required to play on travel teams in order to make all-star teams, in accordance with Little League standards.
You can expect 1-2 games per week for Travel and 1-2 games per week for your house league. That's 3-4 games per week from late April to mid June. There are no double-headers, but you may have multiple games in the same weekend day (e.g. one travel game and one house game), schedule depending.
In 2013 there were teams from Brighton, Fairport, Gates, Greece, Irondequoit, Penfield, Rush-Henrietta, Victor, Webster and Pittsford.
Yes. The softball program expects to field a 9/10 team and an 11/12 team.
Please email with any additional questions.