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TeeBall! See you today at 3
by posted 06/03/2023

Hi team!
Sorry for the late reminder, but looking forward to seeing everyone at 3pm today for our game against Sekula's Precision Painting. Thanks to Katie and Billy Scorse for bringing snack. We're on field 3 at Farm View - same field as we've been on. 

Coaches Caitlin, Kate, Billy and Mike

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Snack + Team Updates
by posted 04/26/2023

Greetings Lattimore PT Teammates,
A few things ahead of our first practice/game on Saturday. 
First, please sign up to bring a snack to one of our games via this sign up form. We have 7 games/practices. If you're looking to be more engaged, they are still looking for volunteers to help with other aspects of the program including Opening Day and the closing TeeBall Jamboree on June 10and you can sign up here. 
Secondly, several updates below on what to expect for this season.
Coach(es) Caitlin, Bill, Kate and Mike
Please login to the PLL system to sign up for reminders. It will auto remind you for our games/practices and be a communication tool in case of any last minute changes. You can sign up for reminders - go to PLL Central tab > Edit my Account > Guardian > Scroll to see the email box is checked and at bottom to select reminders. It should also have the team roster with family contact info, coaches info and the schedule (should be posted by tonight).
What to Expect:
Our main goal is for the kids to have fun and be exposed to the game of baseball. We'll teach some FUNdamentals too! Each game is a practice and play format. We will have 30-35 minutes of practice and directly following we will play for 30-35 minutes against another team. 
  • All players bat and play in the field each inning 
  • Rotate defensive positions after each inning or within an inning 
  • Each player is awarded first base regardless of the outcome of the at bat; outs not recorded or honored; players move base-to-base after each at bat 
  • Batting helmet required when at bat and on base 
  • Bat must have a “USA Baseball” stamp. We will use Level 1 RIF balls 
Uniforms: We will distribute uniforms on our first day of game/practice on April 29. Please have your player wear a shift/long sleeve and players can put their uniform on over it. They recommend white baseball pants or athletic pants and molded cleats or sneakers for this age group. Each player should have their own glove.  Please follow this link for player equipment information AND COUPONS from Dicks. https://bit.ly/3JsGdVy
Schedule and Field Assignment: As of now, we only have the assigned location at Farm View Park. We will get assigned fields soon and our opponents and when we learn of it, we will be in touch again. I hope they are also uploaded into the PLL site
What to Bring to Games: Uniform and hat, baseball glove and water bottle - MARK EVERYTHING WITH YOUR PLAYER'S NAME!
Snack-  We will close each game/practice with a snack. If there are any allergies, please reach out. And please consider signing up for one of our seven games.
Team Pictures - There isn't an official team picture this year (feedback from parents in years past) but if everyone's interested, we can do a group photo maybe at our 2nd game of the season to share with families.
Caregivers: In this level of play, they recommend one caregiver stay for the duration of the practice/game. Reach out if that's ever a challenge. I'm not sure if there are any stands at the fields we will be at so it may be good to bring a seat to watch!

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Welcome from your T-Ball Coaches!
by posted 04/18/2023

Resending via the Team Bulletin. See message below sent on 4/17 via gmail.


Greetings everyone!

Welcome to Pittsford Little League Pre-K T Ball 2023 season! I'm reaching out as Coach Caitlin and on behalf of our coaching team - Coach Billy, Coach Kate, and Coach Mike - we're excited to start our 2023 season with you and your amazing players. This message is meant to build on what's been sent by Pittsford Little League last week, help us organize for this year and introduce you to the coaching team. We're going to have a lot of fun this season!

1. With any changes to the attached roster so we have the right info to relay any last minute changes.
2. I'll send a separate note requesting help with snacks for each game. Please send me if your player has any dietary restrictions we should consider while organizing it.  
3. Reach out with any questions or concerns!
Coach Caitlin
Meet your Coaches:
  • Coach Caitlin is mom to Vivian. She and Coach Kate share memories of chasing pop flies in Bob Ford field and her favorite part of the game was the thrill of stealing bases, especially home on a passed ball.
  • Coach Billy is father to Everett and played baseball up through RIT, typically roots for the Mariners as a past Seattle resident and the Red Sox.
  • Coach Kate is a graduate of Pittsford Little League. Her son Desi will be a kindergartener at Thornell Road Elementary in the fall. Kate's memories of little league are Big League Chew and having fun in the dirt.
  • Coach Mike is father to Jack and a veteran coach with this being his 7th season and is a Yankees fan.
Logistical Details:
Team Name: Lattimore Physical Therapy
Game schedule: First meeting/game is Saturday, April 29th, 3-4:15pm with a combination of practice and a game each week, same time, same place.  No game scheduled over Memorial Day weekend (May 27)
Location: Farm View Park, 1899 Calkins Road (Calkins Middle School) Please follow this link for field location information: https://bit.ly/40eiO0y.
Player Equipment Information:
Our sponsor is Lattimore Physical Therapy, our uniforms are royal blue, with dark red and white trim. Our MLB team is the Cubs. 
Each player receives a team shirt and hat; players provide their own pants, belt, and socks. They recommend white baseball pants or athletic pants and molded cleats or sneakers for this age group. Each player should have their own glove.  
Please follow this link for player equipment information AND COUPONS from Dicks. https://bit.ly/3JsGdVy


TeeBall Spring Events

· PLL Parade, Food Drive and Opening Day Ceremony: Saturday, May 6th at 10am.
· PLL Tee Ball Jamboree: Saturday, June 10th, Farm View Park
Additional Little League events you might be interested in:
· PLL/T-Mobile Home Run Derby: Saturday, May 20th - 5:00pm, Ford Field Complex (Ages 10-12)
· PLL/MLB Pitch Hit & Run: Saturday, June 3rd - 4:00pm, Habecker Field Complex (Ages 7-12)
· Challenger World Series: Saturday, June 10th, Innovative Field

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